Munting Alay (Lyrics and Chords)

Munting Alay (Lyrics and Chords)
Leo Nilo C. Mangussad
Category: Offertory Song

Verse 1
            F                 C/F         F     C/F
1. Paghahanda ng alay ay narito Poon
        F             C/F     F             Eb/F
Ang alak at tinapay dala sa altar Mo.
    Bb                 BbM7     Bbm7             Eb
Anyo’y magiging tunay: Dugo Mo’t Katawan.
        F9             Csus                     Gm7 F/C Csus F
Aming tatanggapin ngayon, magbibi - gay bu --- hay!

2. Paghahanda ng alay, ngayon ay sisim’lan
Ang alak at tinapay ay bebendisyunan.
Anyo’y magiging tunay: Dugo Mo’t Katawan.
Ito’y aming tatanggapin sa pakikinabang.

3. We bring unto your Table with humble hearts O Lord,
The bread and wine the fruits of the land and of the vine.
Transformed beneath the hands of Your chosen priest behold
We shall receive with open hearts eternal life bestowed.

4. Gathered now your people bringing gifts to Thee.
Let us give you worship for your Sacred Feast.
Continuously we sing you our praise on bended knees.
We give you thanks, revere you for your generosity.

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