How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (Psalm 84) (Lyrics and Chords)

Song title: How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place
Music by Arnel Aquino, SJ

Based on Psalm 84
Category: Psalm, Communion
Intro:  4/4 G - D/F# - Em - C2 - G2
         G                     D/F#                   Em
How lovely is Your dwelling place O Lord
            C2                G2
Mighty God, Lord of All.

    D/F#                  C/E                  Em  
1. Even the lowly sparrow finds a home
             D/F#                                C/E  
for her brood And the swallow, a nest for herself
            Em        Bm        C2
where she may lay her young;
              Am         FM7 C/E       Dsus -D7
in Your Altars my King and my God. 

(Repeat Refrain)
     D/F#                                 C/E                  Em

2. Blessed are they whose dwelling is Your own,
             D/F#                    D/F#                       C/E
Lord of Peace. Blest are they refreshed by springs
                            Em          Bm               C2
and by rain when dryness daunts and scathes.
      Am                        FM7 C/E       Dsus - D7
Behold my shield, my King and my God. 

(Repeat Refrain)

  D/F#                       C/E                   Em

3. I would forsake a thousand other days
D/F#                                         C/E
Anywhere If I could spend one day in Your courts,
    Em       Bm   C2
belong to You alone.
         Em            Bm7 C2
My strength are You alone.
        Am          F   C/E         Dsus - D7
My glory, my King and my God. 

(Repeat Refrain)
         CM7            G/B                     Am   
How lovely Your dwelling place O Lord mighty
 D      D7     G2
God Lord of all.

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