As We Meet Again (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title: "As We Meet Again" (Lyrics and Chords)
Category: Recessional

Intro: G-Em-Am-Dsus-D7

     G                        Em             Am
1. We have shared moments together
       D7                     G             D7
As time went by, as time went by
 G                     Em       Am
With the love that is forever
                    D7                        G G7
As passing moment go day by day.

          C                D7    Bm     Em      Am                  D7                 G-G7
And now as we almost part, it is our hope that our dreams would start
       C     D7      Bm         Em                      Am             D     G-D7 (G)
A new world in you for them not to be in vain, as we meet again

2. We will meet again in some other time or place
The vision is there for true happiness
Farewell my friends, it was fun indeed
Sharing happy times together 
wishing it were forever (Ref.)

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