Behold Your Mother (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title: Behold Your Mother
By: Danny A. Lopez
Album: An Ode to Mary
CFC Ablaze Communication Foundation, Inc.
Category: Marian

  G#m – G#7 – C#m7 – Am

E – B - A

Verse 1:

E                                  B
Remember gracious Mother

            A9   F#m   B7sus
That never was it known

          E                  B
Than anyone who came to You

      A9     F#m           B7sus
Has left without your help



                    G#m C#m
So Lord, we thank You

       F#m             B7
For giving her to us

                   G#m  C#m
Yes Lord we praise You

      F#m             B7
For sharing Her with us

                      G#m            G#7
When while nailed on the cross

       C#m                  Am
You said these very word…

 E                                 B
“Woman, behold your son

Son, behold your mother”


Verse 2:

Inspired by this confidence

We sinners come to Thee

Hear and answer our prayers

With your love and mercy


(Repeat Chorus twice)

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