You Are My Delight (Lyrics and Chords)


Original Key: A
Intro: G-Em-C-D

G      Em        C        D     G
You, O Lord, are all my delight
G           Em       C       D    Em
I long to behold You face to face
Em               Bm             C       D     Em
To dwell in Your courts my Lord day and night

Em              Bm
For You are our only good
C          D           G
And in You is the fullness of life

Em        Bm       C         G     C
Spirit of God come raise our minds
C          D               G
Beyond the love of earthly things
Em        Bm        C                  Em
Train our hearts to seek the things of heaven
C                   Am7             D
And fix our eyes on the hope of eternal life
(Repeat Refrain)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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