The Lord's Prayer (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "The Lord's Prayer"

    E            E/D      A/C#  A
Our Father, who dwells in heaven
F#m      B      E   B
Hallowed be Thy Name
            E   E/D
Thy Kingdom come
            A/C#  Am/C
Thy will be done     
   E/B         B     E    E/D
On Earth as it is in Heaven

C            F/C     G/B    Am  C/G
Give us this day our daily bread
       F#dim       Fm
And forgive us our sins
   C/G         Am/F#             
As we forgive those who 
  G    E/G# Am A/G
Sin against us
F       C/E     Dm     C/E
Do not bring us to the test
      F     C/G     G  C   C/Bb
But deliver us from evil
        F/A           Fm/Ab
For the Kingdom, the Power
     C/G       Am/F#
The glory are Yours
C/G        G         F/C  C
Now and forever, A-men.

2013 | Catholic Songbook

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