Prayer for Healing

Heavenly Father, 
we come before you asking for your healing touch. 
We trust in your mercy and love, 
knowing that you desire us to be whole and healthy. 

May your grace reach into our minds, bodies, and souls to bring comfort, peace, and restoration. 
We ask for healing of physical ailments 
that burden us with pain and disability. 

We pray for emotional healing 
in times of stress, sorrow, and anxiety. 
We seek healing of spiritual wounds, 
asking for forgiveness and the renewal of our faith. 

May we find solace in your loving presence 
and find strength in the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
and all the saints who have gone before us. 

We offer our suffering for the salvation of souls 
and the building of your kingdom on earth. 
We trust that through our trials, 
you are forming us more perfectly in your image, 
and we await with hope the consummation of your healing plan in the glory of heaven. 

Through Christ our Lord, 

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