When From The Darkness (Lyrics and Chords)

 Song Title: When From the Darkness, Lyrics and Chords
Category: Entrance, Lent

Verse 1
  D                          Am/C B7
When from the darkness comes no light,
Em                                     A7              A/G
When from the weeping comes no laughter;
D/F#              B7       Em
When in the day we hope for night,
      E7                   A7                   Em   A7      A (D)
Not any comfort coming after: grant us your peace.

Verse 2
When in our confidence our fears,
Clutch at the heart and make us tremble;
When in our joy we weep cold tears,
And in our frankness we dissemble:
grant us your light.

Verse 3
When in our love there is not care,
And in our yearning we are dullness;
When what we know we cannot dare,
And we are nothing that is fullness:
grant us your truth.


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