This is Our Accepted Time (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title: "This is Our Accepted Time" (Lyrics and Chords)
Category: Entrance, Lent

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Verse 1
C                G             C     Em    Dm    G   C
This is our accepted time, this is our salvation;
   C                          G          Am
Prayer and fasting are our hope,
Em        Dm    G   C
penance our vocation.
G         C            D7      G
God of pardon and of love,
Am                   E     Am
mercy past all measure,
C                       D7         G
You alone can grant us peace,
F             Dm   G7   C
You our holy treasure.
Verse 2
C                          G             C
Lord look down upon your sons,
Em    Dm            G    C
look upon their yearning;
C                          G    Am
Man is dust and unto dust,
Em       Dm    G    C
he shall be returning.
G           C       D7       G
Lift him up O Lord of life,
Am                             E    Am
flesh has gained him sadness.
C                      D7            G
Hear his plea bestow on him,
F    Dm        G7   C
everlasting gladness.

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