These Alone Are Enough (Lyrics and Chords)

Based on “Suscipe” Prayer of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Music and Lyrics by Dan Schutte
Category: Communion

          G     C                   G/B  Am F
1. Take my heart, O Lord, take my hopes and
Gsus  G                   Am F Dm 
dreams. Take my mind with all its plans and
Gsus4 G

               C G/B      Am       F E7
Give me nothing more than your love and 
Am        G        F C/E      F  Gsus G 
grace. These alone, O God, are enough
      C F/C -G/C -C -F/C
for me.

2. Take my thoughts, Oh Lord, and my memory. 
Take my tears, my joys, my liberty.

3. I surrender, Lord, all I have and hold. 
I return to you your gifts untold.

4. When the darkness falls on my final days, 
Take the very breath that sang your praise.

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