Save Us, O Lord (Lyrics and Chords)

 Song Title: Save Us, O Lord
Music and Lyrics by Robert Dufford
Category: Entrance, Lent

 Em             A       Em    A
Save us, O Lord; carry back.
  G                 D             Em
Rouse Your power and come.
  G                   A          Bm               Em
Rescue Your people; show us Your face.
C       D     Em
Bring us back.

Verse 1
      G                D        Em
O Shepherd of Israel, hear us.
  G                 A                Em
Return and we shall be saved.
  D            G                     D
Arise, O Lord; hear our cries,
      G      Em    C     B
O Lord: Bring us back!
Verse 2
How long will you hide from Your people?
We long to see Your face. Give ear to us.
Draw near to us, Lord God of hosts!

Verse 3
D                  B
Turn again; care for Your vine;
   Em                       A                       D
Protect what Your right hand has planted.
           G                     D
Your vineyards are trampled, 
       G                D
uprooted, and burned.
C                 F              B7  B
Come to us Father of might!

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