Only In Jesus (Lyrics and Chords)

ONLY IN JESUS (Lyrics and Chords)
The Official Theme of the Philippine Conference on New Evangelization
Words & Music by Fr. Carlo Magno Marcelo
Interpreted by Fr. Gelo Parlan

Verse 1
In this age, where a call can just take a second to reach home
In this age, where some homes reach the sky.
Yet my neighbor just beside me never really feels at home
And the homeless just become like sand in our eye.
Where are we heading right now?
How can we move to a meaningful life?

Verse 2
In this age where the wounds of empty promises abound
In this age where true service means so much.
Credibility, integrity are the holy signs of love.
And their voices are heard all over the land.
Who can be that love for us
showing us the beauty and value of life?

Only in Jesus do we move
Only in Jesus we are changed
Only in Jesus’ love, we can heal the world's pains.
Let His life tell the story:
Love that conquers sin and shame.
Come and see, share the myst'ry!
Now it's our mission to reveal to all His face.
Only in Jesus, all things are made new,
Only in Jesus

Verse 3
In this age, where the young are eager and ready to give all
In this age, where everyone can lend a hand.
Yes a voice down deep inside us tell us the world can be a home
where dialogue and sharing make us one!
Look there’s a sign above giving direction to the fullness of life.

(Repeat Refrain)

Can you hear His voice?
Go forth, share the Good News!

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