Take and Receive (Traditional) (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Take and Receive" Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1:
G      C      G               D          D7 G
Take and receive, O Lord, my liberty.
C      B7     Em          C            D    G
Take all my will, my mind, my memory.
G               C           D    D7             G
All things I hold, and all I own are Thine.
C        B7         Em       C      D      G
Thine was the gift, to Thee I all resign.

Verse 2
    D       A7 Bm       Em      A7        D
Do Thou direct, and govern all and sway.
    B7              Em        A             A7   D
Do what Thou wilt, command and I obey.
D7           G               Em                  C
Only Thy grace, Thy love on me bestow,
  B7                    Em          C          D    G
These make me rich, all else will I forego.
(Repeat Verse 1)

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