Holy, Holy (Dumlao) (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Holy, Holy"
Music by Barbie N. Dumlao
Category: Sanctus

Intro: Em - Bm/D - CM7 - G/B 
Bb/Ab - Ab - Bb/Ab - Dsus4 - D

 Em    Bm/D   CM7 G/B
Holy,  holy      ho  -  ly
Am7             Esus4/F#
Lord God of hosts
B7  Em       Bm/D
Heaven and earth
CM7          G/B
Heaven and earth
   Am7           Dsus4 D
are full of Your glory
     Am7           C/D   G
Hosanna in the highest.
G7sus G7

CM7      D/C  Bm7
Blessed is He who
comes in the name,
       Am7    D    Esus4 E
in the name of the Lord
    Am7              C/D G C/G G
Hosanna in the highest


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