Si Kristo ay Namatay (Mercy & Compassion) (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Si Kristo ay Namatay"
Music by Manoling Francisco, SJ
Mass of Mercy and Compassion
Category: Memorial Acclamation

  Em            Am             D   D/F#  G     G/B
Si Kristo ay namatay, si Kristo'y nabuhay,
  C  G/B       Am   Am/G  F#     F#/E    Bsus B7
Si Kristo ay babalik sa wakas ng pana-hon.

  Em           Am        D  D/F#  G      G/B
Hi Cristo namatay, hi Cristo nabanhaw,
  C    G/B  Am  Am/G   F#  F#/E   Em
Hi Cristo maba-lik, maba-lik  ngahaw.

2018 Catholic Songbook

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