We're Gathered Here (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title “We’re Gathered Here”
Category: Entrance

A7                            D        D7
We’re gathered here because
                  G - Em
We all love Jesus
                         A7                       D – A7 
We’re in this place to glorify His name,
                              D              D7              G - Em
Our hearts reach out to touch the living God,
       A7         D                 Bm
Because we love the Lord,
           Em             A7      D-A7
We’re gathered here today.

                             D              D7
We’re gathered here to sing
                           G                  -Em
Our songs and hymns of praise,
                      A7                                      D – A7
We’re in this place to hear the word of God
Our minds reach out,
D7                                     G             Em
O fill them with your thoughts, Lord,
        A7              D         Bm
Because we love the Lord
             Em           A7    D – A7
We’re gathered here today.

(Do same chords)
We’re gathered here because
We’re all one body
We’re in this place because
We share His love,
Our hands reach out, a symbol
Of our offering,
Because we love the Lord,
We’re gathered here today.

2017 | Catholic Songbook

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