The Lord's Prayer (Lyrics and Chords) (Malotte)

Song Title "The Lord's Prayer"
Recorded by Johnny Mathis

Music written by Albert Hay Malotte

C      G7        C            Dm  G7
Our Father  which art in hea-ven
C             Dm       C
Hallowed be Thy name
Am                   Em    Am  D7      E7
Thy Kingdom come  Thy will be done
   Am      F      C      G7  C
On earth as it is in hea-ven

F    C     F    C            Dm  G7 C
Give us this day our da-ily bread
      Am                   B7
And forgive us our debts
      Am                    B7
As we forgive our debtors
       C                          Dm
And lead us not into temptation
       D7                    G7
But deliver us from evil
       C                      F
For Thine is the Kingdom
        D7                       Dm        C  Dm
And the power and the glory for-ev-er

G7   C

2017 | Catholic Songbook 

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