Behold the Wood (Lyrics and Chords)

Based on Good Friday Liturgy and John 12:24, 32; 15:13
Dan Schutte

Intro: Dm - C - Dm


Dm            C             A                Dm
Behold, behold, the wood of the cross,
Gm7           C                Dm            C           A      Dm
On which is hung our salvation. O come, let us adore.

Verse 1
   Dm                       C                    Dm                       Am7

Unless a grain of wheat shall fall upon the ground and die,
    Dm                          C            Dm    Gm6/Bb   A7sus4 A

It shall remain but a single grain,    and not give life.
(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 2 (Do same chords as Verse 1)
And when My hour of glory comes as all was meant to be,
You shall see Me lifted up upon a tree.
(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 3 (Do same chords as Verse 1)
For there can be no greater love shown upon this land,
Than in the one who came to die that we might live.
(Repeat Refrain)

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