Only Selfless Love (Lyrics and Chords)

Fr. Carlo Magno S. Marcelo

D                   G                                  A
Today in the world where life is born
                     Bm                F#m
There's a struggle that is fought,
          GM7                      Em7                      A7
To be welcomed to be cared for to be at home.
     D                    G                                     A
Today when all life seems bought and used.
                     Bm          F#m7
There's a struggle to belong,
          G                      Em7           A
To be free and to be a gift to everyone.

                     D            A               F#m7                    Bm7/A
* We call all families, rise up and raise your hands as one.
              G                    D/F#
Come show the world the love that binds
                    E9/G#              Em - A
All God's children into one.
           D       Em7                F#m  
We call all families share the treasure 
that's in your hands
What can save us now?
What can lead us now?
                 E9/G                Em-A
What can make us all be one.

Em    A        D     Bm7                   Em7
Only selfless love Jesus show the world
          Em7/A          D         Bm
That only selfless love can bring
                 Em7      Em7/A  Bbdim
A hundred fold of fathers, mothers,
Bm7          Bm7/A Abm7
brothers, sisters, homes;
             D/A                  Em7/A
Where peace and mercy reign;
           D/A                     Em7/A
Where faith and home remain
A/G      F#m7              Bm7                 GM7
Where life begins and ends in God's embrace,
Calling all families! 
Let's make it happen 
F#m7      G  A         D
through only selfless love.

FM7               BbM7/C      FM7
Like the Holy Family with Jesus, Joseph
    G/D       FM7                           Gm7
And Mary, home is where true love begins
              Am                  Em/A - A
Love rejoices, Love embraces.

2014 | Catholic Songbook™

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