Heart of Jesus, Hear (Prayer to the Sacred Heart) (Lyrics and Chords)

Words by Ali Figueroa
Music by Barok Gutierrez
Arrangement by Palan Reyes
Album: "Light from Light" Bukas Palad

Intro: C/E - F - C/E F

Verse 1 
C/E                            F

Teach our hearts to love like yours,
C/E                       F
love of God most high!
C/G        C/Bb     F/A
Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Dm        F         G(sus4) G
keep us by your side!

Verse 2
C/E                       F 
Save us all from death and sin,
C/E                F
our King crucified.
C/G                C/Bb            F/A
Crowned with thorns and sorrow,
Dm          F         G(sus4) G E
you give us new life.

Am                Em7     F/A        G/B       C  G/B
Listen to our prayer! Heart of Jesus, hear!
Am                      Em7        Dm          F      G E
Make us always yours, and hold us ever near.
       Am               Em7  C7    Dm       C/E   F
Wherever we may go, whatever we may do,
C/E         C/Bb    F/A           Dm           G(sus4) C/E
Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in you.

Adlib: F - Dm - F - G(sus4) G

Verse 3
C/E                            F

Grant us grace and all good gifts,
C/E                        F
heart of Christ, our Lord.
C/G            C/Bb  F/A
Make your holy presence
Dm           F    G(sus4) G
our home evermore!

Verse 4
C/E                     F
Fill us with your light and life.
C/E                     F
Guide us in your ways.
C/G        C/Bb          F/A
Justice, peace, and mercy
Dm     F         G(sus4) G E
rule us all our days.

(Repeat Refrain twice)

Finale:  C/E - C/Bb - F/A - Fm6 - C

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