Heaven (Lyrics and Chords)

[Praise & Worship]
Kirby S. Llaban and Mike Serapio
Intro: G-C-G/B-C-D

Verse 1:    
G                           C
You died on the cross
   G/B              C           D   G
 My life you saved at all cost
  G                              C
You showed me the way
Now I offer myself to You
       C             D                   C-D
I want to be with You evermore

G                          C
 Lord, I wanna be in heaven with you
Right by Your side I’ll stay
C                   D          G
Worshipping You all day
I will live and die for You
Anything I will do
        C             D               G
For heaven is here in my heart
(Repeat Verse and Chorus twice)

                 G              C
Heaven is here (echo)
Heaven is here (echo)
      C               D              G
For heaven is here in my heart

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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