Came to My Rescue (Lyrics and Chords)

Marty Sampson, Joel Davies, Dylan Thomas
Intro:    C  G  Am  F  C  G/B  Am  F
       C                    G
Verse 1:  Falling on my knees in worship
        Am           F                       C
Giving all I am to seek Your face
              G/B              Am  F
Lord all I am is  Yours

      C                     G
Verse 2:  My whole life I place in Your hands
      Am                    F                     C
God of mercy Humbled I bow down
                   G                          Am    F
In your presence at Your throne
         C                G/B   Am
Chorus:   I called You answered
                      F                                  C
And You came to my rescue and I,
                          G/B          Am   F
I wanna be where You are
Ad Lib:       C  G  Am  F
                 (Verse 2 then chorus 2x)
 Am                 G/B    C
Bridge:   In my life be lifted high
                             G/D     Am
In our world be lifted    high
                                      F  G  (F)
In our love be lifted high
(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)

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