I Hear My Name (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title: I Hear My Name (Lyrics and Chords)
Music and Lyrics: Manuel V. Francisco S.J.
Scorebook: Hindi Kita Malilimutan

Intro: Dm – C – Dm – C

Dm                /C                           G/B  G7
Lord, I walked one cold night
               C            F/C                       Em7  C
And heard the wind call my name.
       G/B                Am                 /G
I closed my ears, still I heard
        G7                 C  Am                   FM7  G7
the call of the wind from within.

Dm                                       G/B  G7
Lord, I’m weak and small,
                    C               F/C                Em     C
What can I do for You, my Lord?
     G/B                  Am              /G     
I fear to be called, to behold
G7      C              Am            F    G   A  A7
Jerusalem awaiting me.
Dm         Am/D           C/D
Lord, I hear my name,
                Am           Em           Am
And in shame I turned away.
/G        FM7           Em7      
But I felt so cold
            Em                      Am
to be far from my Lord,
BbM7            C7                  Dm
Far from You, my Lord.
Dm         Am/D            C/D
Lord, I hear my name.
               Am         Em                        Am
Now I go before You, my Lord.
/G     BbM7           C7          F     C/E     Dm
If it is Your Will, let it be let it be.
BbM7     C7                         Dm
Let me be what You will.
BbM7     C7               Dm
Let me do Your Will.

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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  1. Thank you. This is a lot of help. -romano f. Of Antoioch, Novaliches, Philippines


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