Come To Me (Lyrics and Chords)

Intro: Em – D – CM7/G –Bm7 – Am7 – G – Bsus  B7

Em          D - CM7                Bm7
Come to me, you who seek rest;
C                   Bm7                Bsus B7
You who are weary come to me

Em               D     
For I am peace
CM7              Bm7       C
and you who come to me
                       Bm7                 B7        
Will know my peace it shall be
yours to carry on.      
C               D                                        
Come to me you
Esus - E
who seek my peace.
Em                D - CM7           Bm7 – C
Come to me, for my yoke is light,
                   Bm7        Bsus  B7
Lay all your burdens unto me.
Em               D  CM7               Bm7  C
I know your fears they too are mine.
 Bm7                               B7         
Believe in me that I refresh
weary souls.
C                   D                  Esus - E
Come to me, you who seek repose.

2013 | Catholic Songbook™


  1. Hi, thank you for sharing this. I just want to request from you the chords and lyrics of " Come to me" by Fr. Gene Pastidio, OFM. It really means a lot to me. Thank you in advance. Gid bless you always.

    1. Request noted. God bless you more!



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