Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning"
Music by F.W. Wetherell - JS Bach
Category: Marian

Intro: G - Em - C - G - D - D7

Verse 1
G          Em            C                G
Mary Immaculate, star of the morning,
G             Em              A            D
Chosen before the creation began,
G                 Em                         C                 G
Destined to bring, through the light of your dawning,
C                   G              D7           G
Conquest of Satan and rescue to men.

D                       D7                 A7                D
Bend from your throne at the voice of our crying,
Am           D                           A7                D    D7
Look to this earth where the footsteps have trod.
G                        Em             C              G
Stretch our your arms to us, living and dying.
C            G            D7            G
Mary Immaculate, Mother of God.

Verse 2 (Same Chords as Verse 1)
We sinners honor your sinless perfection;
Fallen and weak, for God's mercy we plead.
Grant us the shield of your mighty protection.
Measure your aid by the depth of our need.
(Repeat Refrain)


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