Play Before The Lord (Lyrics and Chords)


Song Title "Play Before the Lord"
Music and Lyrics by Bob Dufford, SJ
Category: Communion

Intro: A - E - E7 - A - E - E7

Verse 1
        A      Asus          E
I will play before the Lord,
         Bm       D       AM7 F#7
I will sing to Him my melody.
Bm      E              A      F#m
Stand among His people here,
D             B       E   E7
telling of all His ways.
            A     Asus         E
Let us sing before the Lord;
           Bm     D           AM7  F#7
let us sing to Him our melody.
Bm          E          A       F#m
Stand within His temple here,
 Bm        E         A    E  E7
telling of all His ways.

Verse 2
A                      E
Sing people of God,
   D            E     A
bless His Holy Name.
D              E          A       F#m
Offering Him our joyful hearts,
D             B            E
joining in endless praise.
A     E    D   E A  D  E     A   F#m
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, 'leluia!
Bm            E              A  (E E7 A E E7)
Joining in endless praise. 


2018 Catholic Songbook

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