The Memorare (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "The Memorare"
Music by Arnel Aquino, SJ
Album: Prayers from the Upper Room & Sing of Him
Category: Marian

Intro: <4/4> C - F C/E - Gsus - G - Am - C/G - F C/E -
Dm Dm/C - Gsus - G

              F/A        C/E   Gsus G
O Most gracious Virgin Mary,
      Am                 Am/G
that never was it known
        F               C/E
that anyone who fled
to your protection.
Implored your help
      C/E                   Dm
or sought your intercession,
                 BbM7  F/G
was left unaided.

E/G#                       Am
Inspired with this confidence,
  Am/G     F
I fly unto you,
    Dm7          Gsus G7      C/E
O Vir - gin of vir - gins, my Mother;

  FM7    C/E
To you I come,
       FM7      C/E
before you I stand,
                 Bb9    Gsus
sinful and sorrowful;
F/G  Ddim/G  C              Em7     FM7
O             Mother of the Word Incarnate,
FM7/E                   Dm7
despise not my petitions,
but in you mercy.

F                E/G# Am - Am/G - F - C/E
Hear and answer me.
Dm7   C/E F     G    C
Hear and an - swer me.

Song Title "The Memorare"
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The Memorare (Lyrics and Chords)
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