Song of Creation (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Song of Creation"
Music and Words by Manoling V. Francisco SJ

Intro: C/G - AbM7/Bb - C/G - AbM7/Bb - C/G - AbM7/Bb

CM7                     FM7
Deep within our hearts dwells
Esus4              Gm/A Am/G
the song of our destiny
FM7                        Em7   Am7
Sung upon the world's completion 
       Dm7     C/E      FM7 F6/G
when God laughed heartily

EbM7                AbM7      Gsus4                   Bbm/C Cm/Bb
Draw into your heart and drink the song of creation
Ab              Eb/G          CM7  FM7    Eb/G Fm/D  Gsus4
Unity and beauty, all that Yahweh meant to be

        G/F                        Em7
The earth now moans a dirge,
Am7                          Dm7 
she cannot play her symphony
Gsus4  Fm7  Ab/Bb Gm7 
Creation cannot sing as one
Cm7                        Fm7 Ab/Bb
for man has lost his melody

   Abm7                 B/C#
A hungry child, a dying sea
 GbM7                          BM7
A naked forest, tribal enmity
Abm7                        B/C#
All foretold man has lost his memory
Ab/Bb BM9        Ab/Bb
The song of his destiny

The whole world needs to sing and 
Eb            FM7      Bb7/F Eb/G Cm7
dance the song of all creation 
 Ab                  Eb/G
As God's one family
F#/E                         Ab/Eb
All people, earth and sky
                    Eb         Fm7                    Gm11
This is our chance to sing the song of creation,
Fm7         Eb/G   AbM7 Ab/Bb    Abm/Eb
The song of all people's       salvation
C/G AbM7/Eb

CM7                 FM7
Earth's a fading glory and 
Esus4                 Am
man's become her enemy
Am/G     FM7              Em7   Am7
We haven't learned to live in peace 
Dm7 C/E     FM7       F6/G
with ocean, wind and trees

     EbM7                   AbM7    Gsus4                      Bbm/C Cm/Eb
The Lord, our God Almighty hears the song of our misery
AbM7                Gm7   Cm7                 Fm7  Eb/G Fm/D Gsus4
All His creatures great and small for delivery they call

G     G/F                   Em7   Am7             Dm7  F/G
The song of our ancestry lies deep in our memory
Fm7         Ab/Bb      Gm7            Cm7          Fm7    Ab/Bb
We still can sing along with all the earth her fading song

Abm7                    B/C#
With mother river and father hill
GbM7                          BM7
With brother eagle, sister daffodil
AbM7                    B/C#
To sing as one as on the day the world began
Ab/Bb      BM9                   Ab/Bb
When Yahweh sang with man 
(Repeat Refrain)

Listen to the strains
In your heart remains
The song of creation
The song of our salvation
(Repeat Refrain)

2017 | Catholic Songbook

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