Mighty King of Zion (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title: Mighty King of Zion (Lyrics and Chords)Category: Couples For Christ, Praise and Worship Songs

Verse 1

Em                      Em/D   C          D
Praise You Lord, Mighty King of Zion,
Em                  C     B7
Mighty God of Israel!
Em                               C          D
Save us Lord from the roaring lion,
C                     D                     Em
Cast down the workings of the Infidel!    
 G           D                  C            D         
Oh my strength I will sing Thy praises
 G          D                   C        B7
Thou O Lord are a shield to me
G          D                        C      D
Oh my King though the battle rages
 C             D                  Em
I look with victory on my enemies!

Verse 2
 Em                   Em/D   C         D
Rouse Thyself like a    roaring fire,
 Em                           C           B7
Israel's Hope Bright Morning Star!
Em                        C             D
Burn like chaff the Father of Liars,
C            D                       Em
Light up creation with Thy blazing power!
(Repeat Refrain)

  C                          D                     Em

Praise You Lord, Mighty King of Zion!

Mighty King of Zion (Lyrics and Chords)

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