Life Forevermore (Lyrics and Chords)

Life Forevermore (Lyrics and Chords)
John Ellerton (1826-93) - Manoling Francisco, SJ

Verse 1
G             D/F#            Em-Em/D
When the day of toil is done, 
C             C/B              Am-D/F#
when the race of life is run,
G           D/F#                 Em-Cm/Eb
Father, grant Thy wearied one
G/D      Am/D  G Eb7
rest forever-more.

Verse 2
Ab             Eb/G              Fm-Ab/Eb
When the strife of sin is stilled,
Db           Db/C          Bbm-Eb/G
when the foe within is killed,
Ab        Eb/G                 Fm-C#m/E
Be Thy gracious Word fulfilled:
Ab/Eb  Db/Eb    Ab
Peace forevermore!

Verse 3
Fm            Eb/G                Ab
When the darkness melts away,
Db/F           Eb/G          Ab
at the breaking of the day.
Bbm/G  C                     Fm-Fm/Eb
Bid us hail the cheering ray:
Db-Db/Eb   Ab-Cm/F
Light forevermore.

Verse 4
Bb           F/A          Gm Bb/F
When the heart of sorrow tried,
Eb            Eb/D                 Cm-F/A
feels at length its throb subside,
Bb        F/A                            Gm-Bb/F
Bring us where all tears are dried:
Eb-Eb/F       Bb
Joy forevermore!

Verse 5
Gm           F                           Bb-Eb
When for vanished days we yearn;
              F/A             Bb
days that never can return,
Cm/A         D7               Gm-Bb/F
Teach us in Thy love to learn,
Eb         Eb/F-Bb-Dm/G
Love forever-more.

Verse 6
C              G/B                Am-Am/G
When the breath of life is flown,
F              F/E                           Dm-G
when the grave must claim its own,
F/C      C           Esus  E7           Am-Am/G-F
Lord of life, be ours, Thy glorious crown:
F/G    E7     Am-Am/G-D/F#-Fm6-C/G
Life forevermore!
           F/G   C
Life forevermore!

Life Forevermore (Lyrics and Chords)
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