Without Seeing You (Lyrics and Chords)

Without Seeing You (Lyrics and Chords)
David Haas

D/F#     G    Asus4        D   
Without seeing You, we love You.
D/F#       G          D/F#  Bm Asus4
Without touching You, we embrace.
D/F#       G        Asus4       Bm
Without knowing You, we follow.
Bm7/A   Em   D/F#-G Asus D
Without seeing You, we believe.

Verse 1
D/F#  G      A/C#   D                D/F#        G               Asus4
We return to You deep within, leave the past to the dust,
D/F#    G            F#/A#     Bm        Bm/A     C            C/B-Asus4-A
Turn to You with tears and fasting; You are ready to forgive.
(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 2 (Do Verse 1 chords)
The sparrow will find a home near to You, O God.
How happy we who dwell with You, forever in Your house.
(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 3 (Do Verse 1 chords)
For You are our shepherd; there is nothing that we need.
In green pastures we will find our rest, near waters of peace.
(Repeat Refrain)

Without Seeing You (Lyrics and Chords)
2016 | Catholic Songbook™

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  1. Such a nice song dedicated to our Creator. I love listening to praise and worship songs because it calms my heart even on the toughest day. An habit that I kept on sharing to my friends in http://www.trustessays.com/ who have troubled heart.


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