The Seed (Lyrics and Chords)

The Seed (Lyrics and Chords)
J. Nes F. Marcelo

Intro: G-A-F#m7-Bm-Em7-A-D

        D             G     F#m7
The bread by Your hand
         G        A               Bm
Was once a seed t'was sown;
Bm7/A  G             A         F#m7   Bm
Then grew and yielded on the ground,
          C                     A
And gathered all for men.

       D            G     F#m7
The wine by Your cup
       G      A                 Bm Bm7/A
was once a vine that crept,
     G         A              F#m7       Bm
It grew to bear good fruits for men
    Em                     D
A symbol of Your blood.

Am7 D7  G        A/G       F#m7 Bm Em7
Of that seed we eat Your Body
       A             D
our Bread of Life,
Am7 D7 G         A/G         F#m7 Bm
of that vine we drink Your Blood
   Em7        A           D  (Bm)
the wine of New Covenant.

Accept Lord we offer
These seeds and vines of life,
Expression of our gratitude
we consecrate to you.
(Repeat Refrain)

      Em7          A          D
The seeds and vine of life.

The Seed (Lyrics and Chords)
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