At Home In Our Hearts (Lyrics and Chords)

A Song of Saint Martha
Manoling Francisco SJ
N. Agatep

Intro: E/G#-A-G#sus-G#/C -C#m-Am/C-E/D-A/B-E-A/C#-E-A/C3

Verse 1
E                               A/C#                 E       A/C#
You who welcomed Christ into your home,
E/G#                           F#m7                    B B/A
You who must have washed the Savior's feet
B/A         E/G#
Are truly blest,
                A                              G#sus G#/C  C#m    Am/C
You who fed the Lord when weary and forlorn.
E/B                       A/B                        E
Blest are you who served the Lord's needs.

                   Bsus B            E
And so we pray, now and always
                         Bsus          B          E    E/G#
That we might serve the Lord unselflessly.
A                            E/G#              F#m7 G#         C#m  Am/C
By feeding those in need, their woes making our own.
E/B                          A/B             E  A/C# E
In our hearts may Jesus find a home.

Verse 2 (Same chords as in Verse 1)
You with whom He shared His wondrous deeds.
You to whom He shared His broken dreams
Are truly blest,
You whom Jesus sought before His lonely end.
Blest are you whom Jesus called his friend.
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3 (Same chords as in Verse 1)
You who begged the Lord to raise His friend,
You who knew our death he would amend.
Are truly blest you whom Jesus heard say "You are the Mesiah"
The son of God who comes into the world.
(Repeat Chorus)

F#m7                    A/B              E   A/C#  E A/C# E
In our hearts may Jesus find a home.

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