Woman of Light (Lyrics and Chords)

Intro: D A/C# Bm Bm7/A G D/F# Em F#m Asus A7

Verse 1
                   D                           A/C#
You're the glorious woman of light
                        Bm                Bm7/A
You're the star that lights my way.
                G                           D/F#
You're the lovely daughter of God.
Em      F#m         Asus A7
Full of charm and grace.

Verse 2 (Same chords as in Verse 1)
You're the one without blame
Free from sin and mankind's stain
Incorruptible, loveable, 
a brilliant shining star

F                FM7
You are the one
                               Bb   C       F
The promise of the liberating mourn
F               FM7
You hold the sun
                                 Bb         C   Asus A7
And bring Him for a mankind to behold.

Verse 3 (Same chords as in Verse 1)
You're the glorious woman of light
You're a candle in the dark;
You are captivating in His eyes;
You're chosen from of old.

Verse 4
                    D                            A/C#
You're our guide in this valley of tears;
                   Bm                     Bm7/A
You're our hope, our life, our love;
            G                 D/F#
O most holy one, O clement one,
Em   F#m      Asus  A7   D
Listen to our cries     today.

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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