God Is Enough (Lyrics and Chords)

[Praise & Worship]
Mike Serapio and Kirby Llaban
Intro: D

Verse 1
    D                     G
I hear your voice oh God
   D                     G
 I feel your presence
     Bm                          G
 I have grown in-love with you
         Em                       Asus-A
What I only want is you Lord

Verse 2
    D                              G
   Your grace is sufficient
     D                                G
    Your embrace is all I need
         Bm            A          G
    To be with you my God
       Em                A
   Is all I ever desire
         D                                    G
   Oh God is enough for me
                Bm                     A
   Nothing else will ever be
             D                    G
    And I am satisfied
          Bm              A               G
     For I have found my peace
(Repeat) catholicsongbook.blogspot.com

Em           D/F#                                 G
   I maybe face with worldly lures

   I get confused at times
Em                   D/F#    G
   But lord when I hear you call
       Asus-A             (B)(option)
I’m safe and I run to you

(Repeat Chorus w/ Chords Transposed to E)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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