Shine, Jesus, Shine (Lyrics and Chords)

[Praise and Worship]
Graham Kendrick – Don Moen

                        A            D                 A         E/A
1.                                   Lord the light of your love is shining
A            D             A             E/A
In the midst of the darkness shining
D        E/D            C#m            F#m
Jesus light of the world, shine upon us
D         E/D           C#m                F#m
Set us free by the truth You now bring us
G            Esus    G            Esus   E
Shine on me,      shine on me

                      A        E/A A D
Refrain:         Shine Jesus  shine
                          A/C#   Bm  Bm/A   Esus E  Esus E
                      Fill this     land with the Father's  glo - ry
                        A       E/A A  D           A/C#  Bm      Bm/A   G-Esus-E
                      Blaze spirit blaze, set our     hearts on         fire
                      A      E/A A  D              A/C#  Bm  Bm/A
                     Flow river     flow, flood the    nations
                              Esus  E    Esus E
                     With grace and mercy
                      A      E/A     A     D               A/C#  Bm   E7          A-D/A-A-E
                     Send forth Your word, Lord and     let     there be light

                      A        D                    A             E/A
2.                                   Lord I come to Your awesome presence
A               D             A           E/A
From the shadows into Your radiance
D         E/D             C#m  F#m
By the blood I may enter Your brightness
D                 E/D            C#m            F#m
Search me, try me, consume all my darkness
G            Esus  G            Esus - E
Shine on me,    shine on me                    
(Repeat Refrain)

                        A         D                      A      E/A
3.                                   As we gaze on Your kingly brightness
A         D           A               E/A
So our faces display Your likeness
D      E/D                  C#m    F#m
Ever changing from glory to glory
D            E/D                C#m               F#m
Mirrored here may our lives tell Your story
G            Esus  G            Esus - E
                      Shine on me,    shine on me                
                        (Repeat Refrain)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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