For You Are My God (Psalm 16) (Lyrics and Chords)

Psalm 16
John Foley, SJ

Intro: A - D - A

        A                   D    A           D     A          F#m
For You are my God. You alone are my joy
    C#m           D   E
Defend me, O Lord.
    A                                 D             A
1. You give marvelous comrades to me,
           D                                     A
the faithful who dwell in Your land.
   C                              G
Those who choose alien gods
         D                         E   G  E E7
have chosen an alien band.
(Repeat Refrain)

2. You are my portion and cup.
It is you that  I claim for my prize.
Your heritage is my delight,
the lot you have given to me.
(Repeat Refrain)

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