When Christmas Comes (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "When Christmas Comes"

In days of old was a story told of a weathered man
On dusty roads and on nights so cold did he roam
He traveled far, followed every star, taking paths unknown
So on Christmas day he would find his way back home
He'd find his home

With spirits frayed, the eyes would fade on this weathered man
Though weak and blind, still he walked the winding road
An orphaned lass took his hand at last, so he wouldn't stray
But at his side, for him she cried on the way
So sad, she prayed

When Christmas comes, may this man be found
And his heart no longer be lonely
Let lanterns hung and carols sung bring him home
To an open door and a warm embrace
And a gentle smile on a friendly face
Let him/them/us find peace and love
For once when Christmas comes

They reached a place, an empty space where a family lived
And man and wife took the weathered life in their care
They put to bed his tired head and watched him lay
Not knowing he'd no longer see Christmas day
They knelt and prayed

(Repeat Chorus)

Travelers all are we, seeking the places where love must be
Knocking on every door, yearning to find where our hearts are free
Christmas is everywhere, in the faces we long to see
Christmas is ours to share, no need to search all about us
Love's all around

Now I know, as the story shows of this weathered man
Ever blind, we will never find our home
Till we see love will always be staring at our face
Then can we be so peacefully on our way
And so I pray 

(Repeat Chorus)

Each day is dear. Look far and near
Christmas is here! Christmas is here!

2019 Catholic Songbook

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