Eye Has Not Seen (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Eye Has Not Seen"
Based on 1 Corinthians 2:9-10
Music by Marty Haugen

Category: Communion

Intro: D - Em7/D - A/D - D - Em7/D - A/D - D

 Em7/D         D      Em7/D          D
Eye has not seen, ear has not heard
A/C#  Bm          F#m        G/A    A7   D
What God has ready for those who love Him;
Em7/D   D                 F#              Bm       G
Spirit of love, come, give us the mind of Jesus,
D/F#        G  D/A        A7 G/D D
Teach us the wisdom of God.

Verse 1
          C                        G/B
When pain and sorrow weigh us down,
  Gm/Bb             D/A
be near to us, O Lord,
   Bm7                         D/F#
Forgive the weakness of out faith,
      C                  G/B                          A
and bear us up within your peaceful word.
(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 2 (Same Chords as Verse 1)
Our lives are but a single breath,
we flower and we fade,
Yet all our days are in your hands,
so we return in Love what love has made.
(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 3 (Same Chords as Verse 1)
To those who see with eyes of faith,
the Lord is ever near
Reflected in the faces, 
of all the poor and lowly of the world.
(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 4 (Same Chords as Verse 1)

We sing a myst'ry from the past,
in halls where saints have trod,
Yet ever new the music rings,
to Jesus, Living Song of God.
(Repeat Refrain)


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