Unto the House of the Lord (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Unto The House of the Lord"
Psalm 122 adapted by John Bagniewski

D     A                       Em       G
I rejoiced when they said to me,
              D               A               D    Em G   A
"Let us go unto the house of the Lord."
D              A            Em     G
Standing there, O Jerusalem,
            D                     A                   D
In you gates unto the house of the Lord

D                    A                  G               A
Look upon Jerusalem, the city now restored
D                              A                     G                   A
Here the tribes of Yahweh come as one unto the Lord

As he ordered Israel, they come to praise His name
Here where courts of justice, the courts of David reign

Pray for peace Jerusalem, prosperity at home
Peace inside your city walls that comes from God alone

Since we are God's people, I say, "Peace be to you"
May the God who dwells in us your happiness renew!

2018 Catholic Songbook

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