Take, O Lord This Offering (Lyrics and Chords)

 Tina Benitez

Verse 1:

 G                              C
Take, O Lord, this offering
           D                                 G
With hands outstretched imploring
                G7          C
Take, O Lord this sacrifice
        D                   G
And lift them to the skies.

Verse 2:
G                              C
This humble life we offer,
    D                       G
In loving care protect.
                       G7             C
With contrite hearts we pray to you,
          D                        G
Your mercy grant us Lord.

Verse 3:

G                             C
Listen, Lord, this prayer
         D                        G
We send to You on high
                G7            C
Grant, O Lord, to those who seek,
        D                         G
The secret of Your Love.
(Repeat all then repeat Verse 1)

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