Happy Birthday Jesus (Lyrics and Chords)

Recorded by Faron Young
Written by Bill Emerson and Jody Emerson

Verse 1
G                    C      D7       G
Happy Birthday Jesus we all love you so
C       D7       G                                       D7
We show love and thought for you with shinny things that glow
G                     C      D7       G
We don't have no gold frankincense or myrrh
       C               G            D7                      G
All we have is lots of love to show we're thankful for your birth

Verse 2
                                  C     D7        G
We're gonna ring the golden bells early Christmas morn
    C       D7     G                               D7
And sing up to the heavens on the day the King was born
   G                              C          D7   G
We give to friends and loved ones cause everybody knows
       C                  G     D7                     G
Lovely gifts were give to Jesus from the wise men long ago

Verse 3
          C         D7         G
Everybody stand and sing Happy Birthday
        C                               G
Sing it loud and let the angels hear it too
          D7                             G
Bring the cake make a wish and light the candles
         C          D7          G
Sing the song Happy Birthday to you

(Repeat Verse 3)

         C          D7          G
Sing the song Happy Birthday to you

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