Emmanuel (Lyrics and Chords)

Intro: Em Em9 D B7

Verse 1
Em    Em9    D Am  Em  Em9                D        B7
Baby born in a stall. Long ago now and hard to recall
Em   C      D                 Em
Cold wind, darkness and sin,
      Am            D       Em  Em9 D B7
your welcoming from us all.

Verse 2
Em  Em9      D  Am   Em               Em9
How can it be true? A world grown so old now,
      D          B7       Em        C      D    Em
how can it be new? Sorrow's end, God send,
Am             D         G Gsus G
born now for me and you.

  G        Gsus G      Gsus G
Emmanuel,     Emmanuel,
             Em                        A          D
What are we that You have loved us so well?
D7 G     Gsus G               Gsus G       D
A song on high, a Savior's high, angel hosts rejoice
        C D    G Gsus G B7
Thy glory to tell

Verse 3
Em   Em9        D Am       Bm         Em9
Lord, lead us to know. You lay like a beggar,
     D           B7
so humble, so low;
    Em               C                D              Em
no place for Your head and straw for a bed,
      Am        D     Em    Em9  D B7
the glory of God to show.

Verse 4
Em          Em9    D Am
Babe on mother's knee, 
Bm      Em9         D              B7
child so soon to be nailed to a tree;
Em    C             D              Em
all praise, till the end of our days;
   Am                 D      G  Gsus4 G
O Lord, You have set us free

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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