Covenant (Lyrics and Chords)

Intro: G-Bm-C-Am-D

Verse 1
Let me walk with you as 
we journey through this life,
Searching for each meaning
            Am                   D
as each moment passes by;
Let the hands of time 

be like footprints in the sand
C                Am           C
As I carry you from the dawn
          A     D
to the setting sun.

            D7    G
With just one hand
we can travel down together,
D         D7           G
One life sharing in love;
D7    G          C
I will hold you forever,
D      D7                G
Yes, I love you all my life.

Verse 2
There'll be many crossroads
as we walk along the way,

There'll be many questions
          Am             D
as we live life day by day;
But this never matters
Cause we'll always be there,
 C                                A
We'll surely find the answer, 
          D      A7
'cause we care...
(Repeat Chorus)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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