To The Ends of The Earth (Lyrics and Chords)

Intro:  Em – G – Em – G
Verse 1:
Em G D CM7 Love unfailing, over taking my heart
G        D                                  
Take me in
Finding peace again
G       D              CM7            
fear is lost in all You are


     D                                   Em     
And I would give the world to tell Your story,
Cause I know that You’ve called me, 
I know that You’ve called me      D                                Em         
I’ve lost myself for good within Your promise and
         C                   C                    
I won’t hide it, I won’t hide it 
G D Jesus I believe in You, and I would go Em C To the ends of the earth, to the ends of the earth G For You alone are the son of God G Am And all the world will see that You are God, C that You are God.
Em – G – D (3x) Em – G – D – G Em – G – Em – G (Repeat Chorus)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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