You're My Disciples (Lyrics and Chords)

[Praise & Worship] 
Kirby Llaban

Intro: G -- D -- Em - D - C - G (2X)

G    D
There is no greater love
Em D    C     G
Than to lay your life for a friend
G       D
Lord I'm saved by your blood
            Em    D        C      D
My sins are wiped away, my spirit renewed

Em        G 
You have called me by name
         C               Dsus/F# - Em
And I'll follow you 'til the end
Lord teach me your ways
   C  G           C    D        
Your will is my command, I will obey

You said love one another
As I have love you
By this all will know
     C        D  
That you're my disciples (2x)
G - D       Em       C - D 
     You're my disciples

G                 D
We will love each other
   Em      C        D               
As long as we shall live (4x)
(Repeat Chorus twice)

G - D       Em   C - D 
     You're my disciples (2X)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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