Truly Home (Lyrics and Chords)

Mike Serapio

Intro: D-G

Verse 1
D                               G
You have called me by name and I followed you
D/F#m                          G
My heart is in flame 'coz I know I’m one of the few
Bm                              A      G
Though unworthy I am you gave me the chance to be the best I can
Bm                         A        G     A
For I was away and I was astray but here I am standing before you

D      G
I am home (back into your arm)
I am home (in the warmth of your love)
Em    D/F#m         G
I lose my hold and you reached my hand
               A      D
You held me up I’m truly home

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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