Make My Heart Your Dwelling Place (Lyrics and Chords)

[Praise and Worship]

D             D/C#           Bm       Bm/A
Make my heart Your dwelling place
    G                      D       Asus      A7
A temple just for you
D          D/C#    Bm      Bm/A    Em                    F#
A consecrated resting place, a vessel ever true
G                          D                  F#                          Bm       G
Make my heart a fire, with the brightness of Your Son,
D             D/C#    Bm          G       Em
Make my heart a dwelling place,
            Asus A7 D         Asus   A7    (D)
For the Ho  -  ly  One.         (sing twice)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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