Immaculate Mother (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Immaculate Mother"
Category: Marian

Intro: F7 - Bb - F - C - C7 - F - C7

Verse 1
G                  Em
Immaculate Mother, 
    Am7      D7  G
to you do we plead,
D7  G                  Em
To ask God, our Father,
    Am7      D7    G
for help in our need.


 C      G     D7      G
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!
  C     G      D   D7   G
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!

Verse 2 (Do Verse 1 Chords)
We pray for our country,
the land of our birth,
We pray for all nations 
that peace be on earth. 
(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 3 (Do Verse 1 Chords)
In grief and temptation,
in joy and in pain,
We'll seek thee, our Mother,
nor seek thee in vain.
(Repeat Refrain)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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