Come to the Banquet of God (Lyrics and Chords)

Fr. Arnel Aquino SJ

Come to the banquet of God,
our God who embraces all people,
our God who gathers all of humanity
and calls us with passion untold.

Come to the feast of our God,
our God who delights in us all,
our God in whose arms we're safely enfolded
who loves us with passion untold!

In the love of the Lord we belong.
In the heart of God we dwell.
In the banquet of God we herald and sing
the wonder of oneness,
the triumph of love,
compassion, salvation for all!

Come to the banquet of God.
Feast of all friends, meal of love.
Par-take in the goodness,
share in the majesty.
God's justice is mercy untold!
(Repeat Verse and Refrain)

2013 | Catholic Songbook™


  1. lyrics and chords, why is there no chords? can I ask for it? thanks in advance.


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